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          How to choose the tonnage of the punch for processing metal stamping parts?

          The production of metal stamping parts is processed by punch press. Each punch press has a set of molds to pro...

          2021-10-25 785
          What does the hardware include

          1. Mechanical hardware: fasteners, rolling bearings, belts and chains, lubricating parts, keys and splines, ke...

          2021-10-25 767
          What is a heat sink

          1. What is a heat sinkHeat sink is a device for radiating easily heated electronic components in electrical ap...

          2021-10-25 793
          Difference between guide plate and guide pin of stamping die

          In the metal stamping parts processing plant, the guide plate and guide pin belong to the positioning parts on...

          2021-10-25 624
          Different types of stamping dies have different manufacturing difficulties

          Different types of dies for processing metal stamping parts have different manufacturing difficulties and prod...

          2021-10-25 619
          On the unloading device of metal stamping die

          The metal stamping parts processing plant has unloading devices on the stamping dies used. The function of the...

          2021-10-25 655