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          What does the hardware include

          2021-10-25  778

          1. Mechanical hardware: fasteners, rolling bearings, belts and chains, lubricating parts, keys and splines, keys and splines, welding equipment, hoisting equipment, etc;

          2. Building hardware: building profiles and structural parts, building doors and windows and their hardware accessories, nails and nets, plumbing equipment, fire equipment and automatic fire alarm device, etc;

          3. Electrical hardware: general purpose wires and cables, buttons and switches, relay contactors, electromagnetic starters and electromagnets, fuses, circuit breakers and leakage protectors, control transformers and signal lamps, AC motors, electrical instruments, etc;

          4. Hardware tools: hand tools, civil tools, plumbing tools, decorative Engineering hand tools, electrical tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, gardening tools, etc;

          5. Hardware materials: Iron and steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, non-metallic materials, steel, etc;

          6. Hardware and mechanical equipment: machine tools, pumps, valves, food machinery, instrument processing, packaging material manufacturing;

          7. Hardware material products: alloy, metal processing materials, ordinary steel, stainless steel, metal wire, rope, metal mesh and scrap metal;

          8. General accessories: fasteners, bearings, springs, seals, rigging, gears, molds, abrasives;

          9. Hand tools: daily tools, grinding, hydraulic pressure, lifting, measuring, saw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, electric, manual;

          10. Building hardware: pneumatic, doors and windows, pipe fittings, kitchen, lamps, sanitary ware, locks, construction, building materials and coatings;

          11. Electronic electrician: low voltage electrical appliances, instruments and meters, chargers, motors, connectors, anti-static, cables, insulating materials, electronic materials.